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  Spring $88
From the Four Seasons set, Spring is a celebration of .
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  Summer $88
From the Four Seasons set, summer is represented by stylized sheaths of grain. Simple and elegant.
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Autumn $88
From the Four Seasons set, Autumn has a single falling leaf.
Catalog #136

Winter $88
From the Four Seasons set, winter is of snow flakes and cherry blossoms.
Catalog #137

Elegant Peace Tube $110
A brush pot (candle holder, flower vase) inscribed with the Chinese character for Peace flanked by bats, symbolizing happiness.  
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Hill Ghost Vase small $160
The Hill Ghost warns away the unwanted and the sacred eyes protect.  
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Lotus Flower Vase $390
Tall vase depicting stylized lotus blossoms in triune symmetry.  
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Ball Jar $110
What can you see? Dragons?  
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Dragon Incense Burner $970
A beautiful, intricate vessel with traditional Dragons and perfect rings. A masterpiece.
Catalog #070

Bean Incense Burner $490
Smaller than the dragon, in three sections. Delicate and lovely.  
Catalog #071

Brush Pot $90
A traditional brush pot, ornately carved.  
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Ceramic Art Series 3 $70
Modern, elegant.  
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Circularity Capriccio $120
Sweeping circular designs.  
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Double Bowl-mouthed Flowers $290
A matched pair, ornate flowers.  
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Double Flower Vase 27 cm $180
A matched pair.  
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Double Flower Vases 33 cm $230
Matching pair.  
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Double Peony Vase small $160
For alter, mantle, table or desk.  
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Double Zen Vase small $170
Small matched pair, bold modern design.  
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Elliptical Acuate Mouth $170
Wild geometries play to the imagination. Old and forever new.  
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Flower Incense Burner small $690
In two perfect sections with rings and flowers...  
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Four Piece Collection II $330
A set of four pieces, two tall matching vases a smaller vase and an ink pot, all in the same style.  
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Heaven & Earth vase $130
The Tao plays in an exult of geometries, Heaven and Earth, Earth and Heaven. Shaped as a seed pod.  
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High Mouth Jar #1 $130
Carved in stark geometrics around its base, it's long neck reaches smoothly up.  
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Hundred Blessings Vase $1490
A large, ornate vase with Chinese characters over most, a child figure on the front. Hundred blessings are given for fertility and fecundity.  
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Jue Wine Vessel small $890
Replica of a traditional Longshan wine vessel.  
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Land-based Dragon $90
Most dragons live in the water, and some on the land...  
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Mum Tube $70
Perfect as a candle holder or vase, pierced carving lets the light in and out.  
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Plate Mouthed Modern $70
A small, bold art deco piece proclaiming wholeness and the power of origin.  
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Plum Blossom Relief Vase $3700
Carved intricately into a plum orchard of branches and flowers, this treasure demonstrates the zenith of the art.
Catalog #231

Small Ceramic Art $240
Catalog #

Small Mouthed Ceramic Art I $110
Incorporating classic elements such as the Tao, this modern piece reaches to be filled.  
Catalog #

Tiny Modern $64
A gem of the art, this big little piece shows off its talent and character.  
Catalog #

Vase with handles $150
Elegant and simple, handles at its sides.  
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Greeting to Heaven $38
Earthly geometrics around its girth, mouth open to whatever lies above. May contain a votive candle or water vessel for a flower.  
Catalog #242

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